Top Brand Award 2017 Again Reached by PT. Kino Indonesia Tbk

PT. Kino Indonesia, Tbk again reached Top Brand Award 2017, Top Brand Award for Kids and Teens 2017. As in previous years, PT. Kino Indonesia, Tbk successfully won this award in various categories, such as Ellips Hair Vitamin which won in Hair Vitamin category (with 63,2% contribution), Ovale in Facial Mask category (with 36.7% contribution),…


Declaration Free Drugs Campaign From PT. Kino Indonesia, Tbk

Drug abuse is a social issue worth completing. The negative impact is not only damage the person concerned, but also damage the surrounding environment even extends to damage the nation. Similarly in the corporate environment. If there are employees who use drugs, then one day can disrupt the course of production and business in the…


Kino Go Green 2017: Planting Program of 3,000 Tree Seeds For Conservation of Forest Park R- Soerjo as Pasuruan’s Largest Springs Source

Committed to continue to contribute positively for the environment wherever located, PT. Kino Indonesia, Tbk (KINO) held Kino Go Green 2017 program at R-Soerjo Forest Park, the largest source of springs for Pasuruan community, which was caused by forest fire several years ago, 12 sources of springs in Mount Arjuna died and leaving only 16…