Clothes softener with Anti Bacteria formula that prevent musty odor on fabrics and help your fabrics fiber to keep soft.

Variant :
Blue, Pink, Green, Violet

Available :
Pouch 450ml : 1 Box 12 Pouches
Pouch 900ml : 1 Box12 Pouches

Sleek Dishwash

Sleek Handwash

Sleek Floor Cleaner

Sleek Karbol Wangi

Sleek Fruit & Vegetables Cleanser

Sleek Baby Laundry Detergent

Sleek Baby Hygiene Solution

Sleek Baby Special Package

Sleek Travel Wash

Sleek Foamy Handwash

Sleek Liquid Detergent

Sleek Baby Liquid Soap

Sleek Bottle Nipple & Baby Accessories Cleanser

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