Women who love themselves surely want the best in keeping the harmony with their spouses. Because being beautiful for a woman is not only based on an outward appearance but on inner beauty as well. A healthy life starts from a healthy habit. Every woman who has the habit to care for her feminine area would make it as a necessity. Due to unfriendly weather, bad eating pattern, stress-inducing activities, long period of wearing tampons or even hygienic problems could trigger bacterial that disturbs the vaginal area.

Modern laboratories findings have resulted in various feminine wash products. Yet feminine wash that is made from natural herbal extracts has been trusted all along. This happens because the natural extracts have proved to clean the vaginal area well. Resik V is an easy solution that is produced from 100% natural resources and has been certified halal by Indonesian Ulema Council.

Resik V is safe and comfortable to be used in the midst of a busy day. This feminine wash is effective in cleansing, tighten, creating good smell, and solving vaginal discharge. Its soft formula is good to cleanse and protect the vaginal area without causing irritation. Resik V contains the secret of herbal extracts that proved to be trustful by women from one generation to the next to maintain cleanliness and health of vaginal area.

Resik V Khasiat Manjakani

Now you can feel….

Resik V Godokan Sirih

The first and the only water….

Resik V Manjakani Whitening

Feminine hygiene with Manjakani….

Resik V Sabun Keset Wangi

Specially fomulated with….

Resik V Godokan Madura

Resik V Khasiat Ramuan Madura….

Resik V Kewanitaan Daun sirih


Natural Cleaning Feminine area….