Looking beautiful can be an unforgettable first impression. But being pretty has never been enough. That is why every smart woman knows that perfect beauty starts from a clean face because it is a reflection of the body hygiene.

Ovale becomes the right answer to all women who desire a natural and healthy skin as a big step toward confidence for those who understand how to make the best impression from the whole look.

To support active women, Ovale is the solution of a modern and practical skin care and effective to clean dirt and protect the skin anytime and anywhere in a quick, easy, and instant way with only one rub. For the perfect beauty, Ovale is the right companion for your skin care solution. Only with Ovale, you can create the best unforgettable first impression with a clean and radiant skin.

Ovale Facial Lotion

One Step Practical…

Ovale Facial Mask

Face Masks with the content….

Ovale Lulur Bali

With a natural soft scrub….

Ovale Essential Vitamin

Face Vitamin Contains…

Ovale Olive Oil

Made from oil…

Ovale Maskulin Facial Lotion

With Aloevera, Vit. A & Vit E….

Ovale Face Paper

Ovale Face Paper….

Ovale Facial Mask Powder

Powder mask for facial care…

Ovale Facial Mask Bedak Dingin

Face mask made from….

Ovale Cleansing Gel

Facial Cleanser 2 in 1….

Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water

Pembersih berbahan dasar air….

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