One of the most appealing things in women is her healthy, shiny, silky soft hair. No matter what her activities are, be it indoor or outdoor, the way her hair is styled is always a concern. As technology and lifestyle creates various instant alternatives to beautify each locks, this too could damage the hair strands. The hair could turn dull, unhealthy, and loses its natural shine. Women need a trusted product range that return her hair to its nurtured and beautiful state.

Ellips as the pioneer in hair vitamin in Indonesia, is a hair care range commited to provide you with revitalizing formula to solve all hair problems commonly faced by women. Ellips is formulated to care and beautify your hair any time. This is because Ellips is enriched with various advanced vitamins and active ingredients needed by each hair strand to stay healthy. Selected fragrances leaves your hair fragrant and beautiful. With one simple step Ellips helps to restore your damaged hair back to life, and you can continue to shine.

Hair Vitamin

Vitamins hair with Pro Vitamin B-5….

Hair Mask

Hair Mask is elliptical treatment….

Milkshake Conditioner

Milkshake Coditioner Leave-On….

Cuticle Serum

Present to women with strand of….

Balinese Essential Oil

Enriched with Frangipani Balinese….