Modern active women lifestyles is really dynamic; moving, running, and doing physical moves has been a daily demand. Sadly, bacterial and fungal disturbance that causes vaginal discharge and unpleasant odors could make our activities uncomfortable. Moist and uncomfortable vaginal area could later cause itching and irritation problem that can not be simply ignored. For this problem, women need a companion with the best solution because their deepest secret is kept in the vaginal area.

Like a true friend, only trusted product can faithfully accompany women in solving vaginal problems. And it matters to choose a product wisely for the vaginal area. Choose a cleansing product with a mild sensation that would give you all day comfort, like an antiseptic soap with natural pH value of 3,5 that fits with women’s vaginal acidity for a balanced moisture.

Absolute Feminine Wash understands the most private needs from a woman because it contains Biolacto Active Formula from milk extract that proves to prevent bacterial and fungal infection that causes vaginal discharge. As a companion that understands women, use Absolute according to the recommended dose regularly for a comfortable, clean, and healthy vaginal area all day.

Absolute Chamomile

Soap feminine area, with….

Absolute Eternity

Cleansing feminine area with….

Absolute Intimacy

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Absolute Hypoallergenic

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