Dishwashing detergent that is able to eliminate odors and clean the rest of grease and dirt on tableware and kitchenware

Variant :
Lime & Lemon

Available :
Pouch 400ml : 1 Box 12 Pouches
Pouch 800ml : 1 Box12 Pouches

Sleek Handwash

Sleek Floor Cleaner

Sleek Karbol Wangi

Sleek Fruit & Vegetables Cleanser

Sleek Baby Laundry Detergent

Sleek Baby Hygiene Solution

Sleek Baby Special Package

Sleek Travel Wash

Sleek Foamy Handwash

Sleek Liquid Detergent

Sleek Softener

Sleek Baby Liquid Soap

Sleek Bottle Nipple & Baby Accessories Cleanser

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