Playing time gives a chance for the kids to self-exploration which is useful for their growth. Only healthy kids can go through each stage of playing age optimally. At a certain age, kids have their own hero characters that fulfill their playing imagination. Knowing a positive character can help kids grow according to the concept of the character. Kids’ growth is also supported by the health that comes from how they maintain their hygiene.

B&B Kids comes in a series of personal care products that help to maintain the kids’ hygiene from head to toe. B&B Kids with the packaging of kids’ favorite animated hero character is the companion of mother and kids that gives a fun experience for kids who start learning how to clean and protect their body. With a range of imaginative characters, kids are more excited to enjoy a new form of independent learning through skin care routine. With kids’ favorite characters, B&B Kids will take them to a fun experience through a range of quality, safe and trusted skin cares for mother and kids.

B&B Kids Foamy Body Wash

Foamy Body Wash with refreshing….

B&B Kids Facial Foam

Facial Foam for teens that is….

B&B Kids Liquid Soap

 Specially formulated with….

B&B Kids Body Powder

Refreshing Body Powder that….

B&B Kids Shampoo

Kids shampoo & conditioner enriched….

B&B Kids Splash Cologne

Perfume for kids with sweet….

B&B Kids Spray Cologne

Refreshing spray cologne for kids….

B&B Kids Toothpaste

Gel toothpaste for kids with….

B&B Kids Hair Vitamin

B&B Kids Barbie Hair Vitamin….