Women and style are two things that cannot be separated. Here are a few things that women love to do: stay updated with the current fashion trend, follow new beauty trends, and experiment with their looks. For every women, hair style is always a concern. Even for for those wearing hijab, hair treatment is still a main concern. With hijab, the hair is covered up all the day long, so we need extra care to combat sweat and humidity that can cause hair loss, flat hair, and leaves it with an undesirable scent.

Our signature haircare line, Shasha, is ready to answer this daily hair problem commonly faced by women. Shasha is especially designed to repair damaged hair using virgin coconut oil to improve hair condition without weighing it down. Now you can enjoy various different styles as you wish with full confidence. Sasha is the haircare product chosen by women as it is made with natural and halal ingredients. Sasha is also certified with the Halal Certification by Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI) for its safety. You deserve to experience a new sensation of all day comfort with stylish and beautiful hair, even under your hijab.

Hair Vitamin

Vitamins for hair….