Sometimes women tend to get bored with the same hair color. Hair coloring has become a lifestyle and feel more confident after doing it. Aside from being a fashion, hair colorant are able to cover the shortfall in the hair. For example, to cover your gray white hair. Answering all the problems, Samantha present to give the solution. With various colors variant which all are pretty and long last, You can choose your favorite one. With 3D color technology makes the color hair looks natural. Enriched with conditioner help to restore the softness of hair after coloring and using formulation that can cover gray hair perfectly. Samantha Professional Hair Colorant use special colorant for hair that legalized by POM.

Show the charm of your beautiful hair with Samantha.

Samantha Professional Hair Colorant

Especially formulated ….

Samantha Professional Hair Bleaching

Especially formulated ….