Harmonious closeness with family is indeed a happiness that we can feel. Especially if we can experience the togetherness every day in the midst of activities and daily routine.

Moments could be a fun way to create the bond between family members. Just like chatting after dinners, watching TV in the family room or when vacationing to a planned destination. All those activities is just incomplete without the presence of the family’s favorite snack, Snack It.

Snack It comes as an alternative to snacks that is made of high quality resources with a modern and practical packaging that is produced hygienically and up to date. Snack It will taste wonderful and crunchy when enjoyed with beloved family.

Snack It Pia 100 Solution when hungry, with reasonable price and high quality taste.

Snack It Keripik


Cassava with spice coating …

Snack It Pia 100


Snack It Pia 100, Pia cake …

Snack It Sekar Harum


Snackit, traditional pia pastry …