Healthy and vigorous young people are active, dynamic, energetic, innovative, full of ideas, positive thinking and always ready for a challenge. They are always creative in creating new ideas or to take on another fun adventure that inspires others to bring another work or inspiring events. Today, we embark on many youth energetic and adrenaline-boosting activities that bring positive vibes to society on the importance of young generations to be mentally and physically healthy. Stable body endurance also affects innovative and creative ways of thinking. Thus every person requires regular work out and healthy nutritional intake to get the perfect body strength.

Thoroughly thinking, quick and smart work are signs of the modern generation. That is why Panther comes to accompany young generations’ step in a world that is dynamically required to keep moving forward and create a healthy life. Panther is a sparkling drink to freshen up and give a quick fresh atmosphere in the midst of unending activities. Perfect for the dynamic, spirited, and challenge lover.

Panther is the right drink to maintain body endurance to keep moving energetic in a packed activities anytime, anywhere. Available in fresh flavors with attactive, dynamic, and modern packaging design.

Panther Energy Drink (PET)


The first carbonated energy drink….

Panther Energy Drink (Cup)


Energy drink helps to refresh….