In a world that dynamically changes, there are many instant ways created to be the fastest solution for a problem. But certainly not the case when it comes to health. To have a healthy and well maintained body, people are aware of the importance of being active, regular work out and to reduce consuming high fat and instant foods. Lifestyles that trigger stress are being left and in consuming foods there are many campaigns that urge the society to get back to safe and organic foods.

Cap Panda healthy drink gives natural freshness that soothes our body. With natural ingredients, Cap Panda is a very suitable drink to consume in the midst of busy activities or when relaxing. For those young spirited and always want to face the challenges to give the best for themselves, Cap Panda now comes to accompany your activities with a guaranteed quality, safety, and matching the purpose of a healthier life.

Cap Panda is a healthy thirst quencher with natural herbs to revitalize your body naturally. With a simple and modern packaging, Cap Panda is widely chosen by young generations with rising awareness that a healthy and modern life is being able to take care of the body by choosing natural and nutritious consumption.

Cap Panda


Enriched with grass jelly, high in fiber….

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