Active kids are the healthy ones; but when kids are active, they will spend more energy which will make them more vulnerable to disease. Kids have tons of activities that often causes high body temperature.

Based on this needs, Kids Cap Kaki Tiga has made an innovation for kids’ health where previously there is no such heat reliever beverage for kids. With the award from Indonesian Worlds Record Museum as the first Heat Reliever Beverage for Kids, Kids Cap Kaki Tiga is the right solution to relieve body heat to normal temperature for kids after doing activities.

Kids Cap Kaki Tiga is also a product brand for kids that supports them to play while studying so they can be more creative and explorative with a healthy body condition. The flavors and sizes of Kids Cap Kaki Tiga had been adjusted to the needs of kids as well as the packaging designs with attractive Disney charactrers that kids love. Kids Cap Kaki Tiga, Good for Kids.

Cap Kaki Tiga Cooling Water For Kids

500 x 500 px K3 Can Jeruk

Children often experience heartburn….

Cap Kaki Tiga Cooling Water For Kids

500 x 500 px K3 PET Tawar

Children often experience heartburn….

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